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        Address: Three East Avenue West in Huadu District of Guangzhou City
        Tel: 020-89683933
        Fax: 020-89683131
        Intersection line
        Intersection line cutting machine E-1525


              E-1525 is a updated model of the portable CNC cutting machine which realize both CNC cutting and pipe cutting purposes. Software Control System can control plate cutting and intersection cutting with whole set of CNC cutting system.


        Product features:
        1)Standard version not only can both flame cutting and plasma cutting, but also can cut both pipe and steel plate.
        2)Can make intersecting pipe hole cutting in different directions and different diameters. Can make branch pipe and main pipe vertical or cross in some angle.
        3)Can cut oblique section of the pipe.
        4)Can cut branch intersecting pipe's end socket for main pipe.
        5)Can cut square and slotted hole and all shapes on the pipe.
        6)Can cut off the pipe.
        7)Can cut dual bending ends for bending of the pipe after welding.

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